Sunday, July 21, 2019

The 2m/70cm DipYag/Dipole Antenna Project

Update to follow on this antenna.  Be sure to check back soon!!

This project started in December 2002 when I built the 2m Dip Yag antenna.  See post:

The DipYag antenna worked exceptionally well but is was only a 2m antenna and I was looking to use a dual band antenna.  I ran into the DK7ZB Duoband-Dipole for 2m/70cm and decided to use the 2m and 70cm design from DK7ZB except that I choose a gamma-match instead of the DK7ZB matching unit.  The gamma match served me well through the years and does have its pro's and cons.  One thing that I like is the fact that you do not need a watertight case to house the matching unit one of the reasons for using the gamma.

I had all the aluminum and parts readily available and the construction was done when I had the time.  Here is an images of the material I used.

Bill of materials:

1.  1 x 1.5m (16mm OD) Aluminum pipe
2.  1 x  535mm (25 x 25 mm OD) Aluminum square tubing
3.  1 x  150mm Coax Centre and Dielectric
4.  1 x  200mm Gamma Rod (10mm) length
5.  1 x  SO239 Aluminum bracket ( 25W x 35L x 45 H mm) hole 15mm.
6.  1 x  SO239 Socket (Four hole type)
7.  2  x 10mm flat aluminum to construct the matching clamp (See images)
8.  8 x 19mm Stainless Steel selftapping screws
9.  1 x 23mm Stainless Steel Bolt + lock nut
10.  1 x 28mm Stainless Steel Bolt + lock nut
11.  2 x TV U clamps to fit installation pipe
12.  1 x 12mm x 15mm x 8mm Aluminum plate
13.  1 x 70mm x 100mm Nylotron (white cutting board)
14.  1 x  30mm x 60mm Nylotron (white cutting board)
15.  2  x 35mm Stainless Steel Bolts + lock nuts
16.  4 x 13mm ID plastic end caps
17.  2 x  21mm ID plastic end caps
18.  1  x 10mm OD rubber end cap
19.  Marine Sealer Silicone
20.  Self vulcanizing electrical tape

I am not going to go into great detail here as there are more than enough info here and also in the links